We saved this customer money by repairing rather than replacing this gear very easily with our knowledge and skill. MIG, TIG and ARC welding.

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If it's broken and we can't fix the original, we can make a new one.  This comes in handy when the part is no longer available for purchase.

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From repairing existing electric problems to manufacturing and wiring electric switch boxes, we do it all when it comes to electric. 1 and 3 phase electric motors to 6v or 12v generators and starter motors.

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What we do, why we do it and how we do so well.


Our owner operator, Mr. Steve Ohlms, started  this trade at very young age in his fathers' kiddie carnival manufacturing company. Steve learned every aspect of that business from the best in the business.  He eventually bought and operated that business which was later sold.

What we do is the very advanced jobs that others can't do because Steve has over 40 years knowledge and engineering skills needed to figure out what's wrong and fix it.

Why we do this is because of Steve's passion to figure out and repair anything that comes his way in his specialties.

How we do so well is simply by word of mouth.  Once a customer, always a customer.  We are simply that good at what we do here at Farm Repair and Machine, LLC.


Next Steps...

We give estimates, not quotes. If you do not know the difference, please ask.  You can send estimate requests to us via email at steve@farmrepairandmachine.com, by calling 636-462-6266 or stopping by at 925 Cave Farm Road, Troy  MO  63379.  Thank you.