Our Story

Steve began his journey with his creativity and ingenuity early in life.  As a child he was very interested in airplanes.  He built many model air crafts by the age of 5.  Steve loved to take things apart and put back together. His childhood activities grew with him when his father bought a kiddie carnival ride company.  Steve's interests really peaked at this point.  Starting at age 13 during summer vacations, Steve would go to work with his father and learn something new everyday.  By the time Steve was 20 years old, he was owner operator of one of the largest kiddie carnival ride manufacturers in the country.  He knew first hand how to build a ride from the ground up. Now he brings this expertise to his newest business. Farm Repair and Machine.

Our Approach

Steve has been in this business for over 10 years.  He has very low overhead which enables him to provide expert quality work at very reasonable prices.  Steve puts his personal guarantee on all of his work.